Balee Laos restaurant – Sukhumvit Soi 16

We have recently been introduced to a great restaurant at the end of Soi 16. You have to walk quite far too find it, but it’s worth the extra trek. You can spot it easily by the large neon pink sign.

There is a huge patio area outside with candles and bamboo chairs. They even provide citronella spray to keep away the mosquitoes. The staff are amongst the friendliest we have encountered in Bangkok, with the added bonus of having a good grasp of basic English.

The restaurant describes the food as authentic Eastern-Thai cuisine.

We have visited on several occasions and the food is very good. They are happy to make the dishes ‘mai ped’ (not spicy) and they have some very yummy things on the menu and the cocktails are pretty good too!
I really enjoyed the fried fish cubes with lime and peanuts. They come on a platter and you scoop the yummy mix into a leaf and stuff it all in your mouth. I would also recommend the spicy sausage and the delicious duck.

One of my favourite things about Thai food is the sticky rice. It comes in a small basket and it is so sticky it’s almost bouncy, my fork has rebounded quite a few times. Once you add a dish that has a nice sauce to it (the servers here will recommend if sticky rice is suitable) it’s just SO much better than plain boiled rice.

The main reason I keep coming back to Balee Laos is because I am completely in love with the stray cat who lives in the alley. We have named her Roxanne after the Police song. She is mostly friendly (when you are feeding her meat, she is not as keen as I am on the sticky rice). I wanted to take her home, but I think she is too wild for a one bed flat. I plan to visit her frequently so that we can eat fish cubes together.


2 thoughts on “Balee Laos restaurant – Sukhumvit Soi 16

  1. Sticky (neil) Rice (Khao) = khao neil – there you go that is your lesson for today! Hehe.Sticky rice is mean to me eaten with your fingers so no need to be bending any fork prongs!Just found your blog and am enjoying reading back through the entries.

  2. Heyyyy I've seen Roxanne before when I was there, I was feeding her some pieces of meat ( I usually carry around a pack of dog treats in my pocket at night to give to random animals) well event hey are dog treats she loves them!Oh, and i'm going there to the restaurant tonight actually, i'll make a review on my site :)

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