Terminal 21 Mall: Bangkok Shopping Mall

Whoever designed Terminal 21 at the Asoke junction on Sukhumvit certainly knew their audience. There is nothing Thais seem to love more than snapping pictures of themselves and this mall is perfectly designed to maximise photo opportunities.

From the outside it looks like a modern airport and that theme is continued inside with 9 floors themed around different cities. They have taken the airport theme to its very limit, with the signs above the escalators signalling your departure to a new city.

Hollywood hosts the cinema with an huge and rather skinnier than usual Oscar statue (worth noting that on Wednesday’s tickets at SFX cinemas including this one are half price). San Fransisco welcomes those in need of refreshment, with a selection of restaurants and a food court. The restaurant selection isn’t the most exciting, but the view of the miniature Golden Gate Bridge, a cable car and the famous San Fran Heart certainly makes up for it.

The well known brands are situated on the Rome and Paris floors and although there is no Eiffel Tower or Tower of Pisa, the guards are dressed in the cities’ police uniforms. The attention to detail is impressive, with even the bathrooms themed around that city – Paris has some very opulent black and gold mirrored restrooms. It’s on these floors that you can find places such as Nike, Jaspal and CPS (both decently priced Thai clothing stores).

The only floor that let’s it down for me, at least theme wise, is the basement Caribbean floor. However there are some great snack options down here including crepes and a mini Chu. I tend to spend most of my time exploring the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors which are where the local independent labels are situated.

Tokyo (floor 1) houses women’s clothing as well as a gigantic waving cat. London with its double decker bus, tube train and bobby is mainly men’s clothes, including two of my favourite T Shirt shops: Bang Bang whose designs are cartoon images of famous people and A Pick Me Up which is all rubber duck themed t shirts. Istanbul on floor 3 is accessories, with some great costume jewellery and fabulous leather bags.


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  1. I hope you visited the toilets, especially the Japanese floor! Lots of people talk about it as they feature the typical Japanese washlets and warm seats available everywhere in Japan 😀

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