Guate Leather Bags – Chatuchak Market

There are so many great shops and stalls in Chatuchak that it can be hard to pick my favourites. Sometimes, let’s be honest, I can hardly find them amongst the maze of fluffy kittens and second hand denim jackets. Thankfully the fabulous leather bags at  Guate are easy to find, make sure you pick up a map at the entrance and head to soi 33,  section 24.

The shop smells fabulous and they stock a range of wallets, purses, rucksacks and handbags in a wide range of colours. My friend picked up a oversized shopper in brilliant turquoise, but I am lusting after the fawn or peachy coloured kit bag pictured below. At only 4,500 baht it really is one of those pieces that would look fabulous under the Christmas tree…


8 thoughts on “Guate Leather Bags – Chatuchak Market

  1. Christmas cheque en route….Guate bag under Christmas tree? I hope so! Xxxx

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  2. Love your blog. Besides gaute’s store at Chatuchak, where else can I buy their product? I arrive in Bangkok on a Monday so will miss the weekend market.

    • Hello! Thanks for your nice comments. I actually noticed that Guate have a section in Zen Shopping Centre in CentralWorld Mall, which is much handier than Chatuchak anyway!

      • Just visited the gaute section in Zen. Terribly limited. Oh well, I guess I have to wait till I come back at the end of the year and go to Chatuchak. However thanks for the info. Will continue visiting your blog. Keep it up.

        • Hi! Funnily enough, I was just walking past Terminal 21 nr Asok and I noticed they had a Guate display out front, but I am not sure how big the store is there. Maybe worth a try if you can get there easily?

          • How great you are. Will let you know how it was tomorrow. We are staying at Centre point, Radchadamri so not too far.

          • Hi there, the collection of gaute was a lot more extensive at terminal 21. Thanks for the tip.

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